Laurent Miquel Albariño 2015, Southern France

Most commonly associated with Spain, Albariño actually originated in Cluny, France and was brought to Galicia region of Spain in the 12th century by French monks using the fabled route de Santiago de Compostela.

Laurent’s pioneering adventure to repatriate the mythical Albariño grapes to France came to life when he discovered vineyards high above the village of Lagrasse, just 500kms from Cluny. Limestone soils coupled with a uniquely cool microclimate and access to water seemed the perfect place for this audacious project. Laurent’s signature of balanced whites with superb minerality and freshness has a new expression.

Aromas of grapefruit and white peaches are balanced with subtle floral notes. The palate has crisp elegance, tart tangerine notes, a hint of fresh lime, and beautiful, crunchy minerality.

Slightly tropical and super fresh, this wine will take you away from this winter weather!

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