Oh Chardonnay! So delicious, yet so often understood!

Listen, we've all had a bottle of overly oaked, cheap Chateau 2x4 style Chard once or twice, and although there are some folks who love this style, it's not for everyone; and if it's not for you - you're in luck...  Chardonnay is HIGHLY versatile and when you find the style that's right for you, you'll understand why it's the worlds most popular white wine, and why Lizzo (the Queen of Confidence), compares herself to it! So, whether you just haven't tried good Chardonnay yet or you already appreciate this magical grape, this tasting is for you!

Hosted by Erin Loader


This tasting includes a selection of cheese & charcuterie from our friends at Peasant Cheese!
Please note: All tickets to our events must be purchased in advance. Tickets are non-refundable, but in the event that you cannot attend, you can transfer your tickets to another person. This event is limited to 12 guests.