Thorle - "Saulheimer Spatburgunder Kalkstein" 2014 

Rheinhessen, Germany

Spatburgunder is the German translation for Pinot Noir. I love this wine because of its sheer versatility. It has the weaponry to shine as an elegant weeknight maiden, as a delicious standalone glass (or three) of ruby red beauty to quell the eight-hour long stress of running in your hamster wheel; and will also happily cozy-up next to a range of different foods from Cornish game hen to green Thai curry. This cool climate pinot packs plenty of acid to cut through fatty meat textures or sauces and low enough in tannin not to accentuate any chili heat one may add to a sauce. Pretty aromatics of plum and raspberry will make savoury preparations of chicken, roasted or turkey, stuffed smell like the holiday season when the scents meld and rise from your place at the table, and salty flavors from each bite accentuate the raspberry coulis note in this wine brilliantly. A plush palate of forest berries, slight pepperiness, classic pinot minerality and a perfect amount of acid makes this one of my favourite wines in the store and a serious contender for the title of favourite Pinot Noir of all time.

Drink it.