2019 Field Recordings Freddo

Paso Robles, California

There is no doubt that fall is the season of transition. My kids are adjusting to back to school, my wardrobe is shifting to sweaters, and my wine preferences are slowly changing to reds. If you are a member of our Bricks 6 club, you’ll be familiar with this one. The Freddo Sangiovese from Field Recordings is a fun way to ease into autumn.

All the rules go out the window with this one. First, it is uncommon to find Sangiovese in California as it accounts for less than 1% of grapes planted. Right away, I’m keen to try it. Second, the wine encourages you to chill it down as the letters on this clever label turn blue when it reaches the perfect serving temperature. I’m already a big believer in chilling your reds, so you don’t have to convince me. The wine is fermented by carbonic maceration, leaving the fruit vivid and lively with fresh acidity. The flavors remind me of when I was a kid snatching sour cherries from my grandma's cherry tree. I love the winemakers tasting description of ‘strawberry jello shooters’. He also recommends you drink it in a lowball glass. Who am I to argue!

This is a great example that not all reds coming from Paso Robles need to be big. Sitting just under 12% abv., it’s the ideal wine when we are lucky enough to have a warm summer evening with a harvest moon.