Back 10 Cellars "The Big Reach Riesling" 2013

Lincoln Lakeshore, Ontario

Back 10 holds a very special place in my heart. After an impromptu visit to Niagara one Monday afternoon I decided to email the guys at Back 10 Cellars to see if we could sneak in and taste some wine . They were closed but Andrew, the owner and a Calgary native, was in the field checking his vines and opened up the tasting room for us to sample. We had never met before but after making the Calgary connection, we spent the afternoon sharing stories and sampling the wines careful crafted by himself and his wife Christina, I happily scooped up 2 bottles of everything without even thinking how I was going to get 2 cases of wine onto the plane back to Calgary later that week.

Now, it’s easy to fall in love with a wine when sampling in the most perfect of environments but after tasting again at home, away from the charm of the vineyard, I can say the wine from Back 10 is seriously good juice. Their Big Reach riesling is everything that you want from Canadian white wine. The acidity is beautiful and bracing but it is perfectly balanced with generous notes of green apple and peach and the wine itself almost dances across your palate. I also eat a lot of Thai Green Curry (it’s kinda my signature dish) and the subtle sweetness of this wine paired with the cleansing acidity pair perfectly with the spice and freshness of the curry.