2018 Testalonga I Wish I Was A Ninja Pet-Nat

Swartland, Western Cape, South Africa

South Africa has been experiencing a revolution of sorts with many new young winemakers converting old vineyards to organic farming and making wines by natural means without the use of chemicals and additives. Testalonga, owned by Craig and Carla Hawkins and started in 2008, is a perfect example of this new wave of natural winemakers, and they are making fantastic, delicious, and super interesting juice! Their exciting wines are complimented perfectly with equally remarkable wine names and labels, and the I Wish I Was A Ninja Pet-Nat, is no exception!

Pet-Nat (Pétillant Naturel) is also known as the Ancestral Method of making sparkling wines. This method is thought of as the first way sparkling wines were made, which was by accident when the wine was bottled before fermentation had finished thereby trapping produced CO2 in the wine. The I Wish I Was A Ninja Pet-Nat is made from organic dry-farmed Colombard grapes, a rather neutral variety mostly known for its use in brandy production, that has naturally high acidity, but there is nothing neutral about this wine! Part way through fermentation, the wine was bottled and left for 10 months before being disgorged to remove sediment, and resulted in a fresh, zippy, and juicy off-dry sparkling wine. Expect flavours of ripe stone fruits, apples, pear, and lemongrass, with nicely balanced sweetness and acidity that makes this wine the perfect summer sipper. The picture on the label says it all!

Enjoy well chilled on a hot summer day on a patio, in the backyard, or pool-side with friends and family. It’s also a fantastic pairing with deep fried dishes or Chinese food!