2018 Companion Wine Co. Savvy B

Edna Valley, California

Summer is finally here! We’re all spending a little more time outside now and it’s important that we stay well hydrated when doing so. Coming to the rescue is the incredibly delicious Savvy B, one of my favourites from our canned wine section!

You may be a little skeptical of canned wines and wonder whether they can really have the same quality as bottled wine. We’ve all had those thoughts, but, rest assured, they are actually a great vessel for wine and have many advantages over glass. Cans are much lighter and compact which reduces shipping charges, they are fully opaque and block all damaging UV light from the wine, and they provide a perfect seal keeping out oxygen and preserving the wine. One of the best advantages is that they are easily portable, making for a great choice when enjoying the outdoors, whether just hanging out in your back yard or back country camping in the mountains. If you haven’t yet tried a canned wine before, now is the perfect time!

The Savvy B is made by Lady of the Sunshine, a project by Gina Hildebrand who is a second-generation biodynamic farmer and winemaker and grew up in the Sierra Foothills of California. Gina farms 6.5 acres on the Central Coast of California, where she utilizes biodynamic farming practices in pursuit of making terroir driven wines. Savvy B is a blend of 65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Chardonnay from the Edna Valley, and is made in a clean and crisp style. The grapes were crushed by foot and the skins were left in contact with the juice for 24hrs before being fermented with native yeast in neutral French oak barrels. Left on the lees for 8 months, the barrels were then blended together and it was canned (and bottled) unfined and unfiltered.

It is absolutely delicious with notes of lime zest, white flowers, tangerine marmalade with a briny acidity.

Perfect for any activity in the sun!