2017 Birichino Scylla

Santa Cruz, California

Birichino was founded in 2008 by Alex Krause and John Locke who worked with the legendary Randall Graham of Bonny Doon, one of the original Rhone Rangers in California. Their motto is to use fantastic old-vine vineyards, many dating back to the late 1800’s and planted on their own rootstock, and do as little as possible in the winery, choosing to use wild yeast fermentations, neutral oak vessels, and no fining or filtering.

The Scylla is a blend 62% Carignan, 33% Grenache, and 5% Mourvèdre, all from old vine plots with an average age of ~100 years old. Scylla was a Greek mythology monster that relates to the monstrous Carignan grape which is known for high acidity, high tannin, and high yields. When it comes from century old vines, the result is a refined and refreshing mix of bright red berries that is gentle yet still firm, and bold yet not overpowering, typical of the Birichino style. It’s a versatile wine when pairing with food but my favourite pairing is to enjoy it with Lay’s BBQ chips!

All Scylla, No Fylla.