2019 Terrescure 2.60 Bernardeschi Governo

Tuscany, Italy

Governo is an ancient winemaking technique believe to have been invented in Italy’s Tuscany region in the 14th century. The rarely used method involves saving a parcel of grapes that were harvested later and allowing them to partially dry, if fermentation of the main parcel of must (unfermented juice) starts to slow or appears to be stuck, juice from the partially dried grapes is added, giving the yeast a new source of intensified sugars to restart the fermentation process. From here the must can be fermented dry, with the wine having a slightly higher level of alcohol and richer character. 

This method is very similar to the Ripasso method used to make Amarone in Veneto.

This is 90% Sangiovese & 10% Merlot, and given Sangiovese’s naturally high acidity, the richness of the technique creates a beautifully balanced, total crowd pleaser!

On the nose you’ll find notes of stewed blackberries, rich dark chocolate and leather. The palate is bold and voluptuous with flavours of ripe dark cherries, plum, more dark chocolate and Black Forest cake. It's so smooth and easy to sip on!