2016 Weingut Thörle Spätburgunder

Rheinhessen, Germany

Fall is my absolute favourite time of year for wine! During the summer I tend to drink a lot more whites and bubbles so I like to ease into the cooler weather with a light to medium bodied red. Pinot Noir is on the list of perfect autumn wines in my opinion, and I chose a special bottle from Germany.

Thörle is a family run vineyard in Rheinhessen that uses simple winemaking practices. The vineyard uses no pesticides or herbicides and supports all-natural yeast. This Pinot Noir or Spätburgunder in German is aged in 85 percent neutral German oak barrels along with 15 percent new French oak. It is bottled unfiltered and unfined.

On the nose you may get a bit of savoury herbs as well as strawberries. On the palate, all the strawberry rhubarb pie… I’m obsessed. It’s beautifully juicy but still holds onto that savoury herb note with a bit of ripe cherries. I would crush this bottle any day on its own, but imagine having it with duck or mushrooms, yum!