Terza Fila Pecorino 2015

Marche, Italy

Looking to try an obscure grape variety you may have never heard of before? Look no further!

Imagine the citrus zing of Sauvignon Blanc mixed with the crisp freshness of a Pinot Gris – That’s what the grape variety pecorino reminds me of! It’s like drinking sunshine in a glass. Pecorino most likely originated from Marche in the SE of Italy. Pecorino has a high sugar content which leads it to be higher in alcohol. This bottle sits at 13%. On the nose there’s tropical fruit, citrus and some white floral notes. On the pallet there’s some stone fruit, herbs and great acidity! This wine spends 6 months on the lees adding a bit of a richness to the pallet as well.

If you are thinking to yourself “I thought Pecorino was a cheese!” you’re not wrong! Pecorino means little sheep and though the two have no relation, the grape was given the same name because of it supposedly being a favorite snack for flocks of sheep driven to lower pastures. This bottle pairs great with pecorino cheese, white fish, poultry and the eagerness of spring!