2021 Broc Love Ros é Can

Berkeley, California

It’s no secret that the staff at Bricks love Broc Cellars. We’ve been selling the Love Rosé red and white cans for a while now but this year is the first for the Rosé. I’m a huge supporter of canned wine for many different reasons. First, it’s convenient to take camping, on walks or to the river. Next, you don’t have to open a whole bottle of wine if it’s just you drinking it. Lastly, drinking canned wine is significant more sustainable than bottles. Here’s some fun facts about aluminium: 75% of aluminium mined since 1825 is still in use today. Recycling aluminium uses just 5% of the energy it takes to mine the raw materials from the ground and aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Yay canned wine!

Broc Cellars was started by Chris Brockway in Berkley California. This urban winery is located in an old ink factory across from an industrial park. They source their grapes from all over California from vineyards that are sustainably farmed. Chris got its inspiration for the Love wines from the wish to keep as many older vine plantings and forgotten vineyards of California alive.

The Broc Cellars Love Rosé is made with three grape varietals; 97% Valdiguie, 2% Zinfandel, and 1% Trousseau. Valdiguie was once widely planted throughout the state of California, so much so that it was known as the Napa Gamay. This wine also comes from three separate vineyards on the north coast, Rosewood, Wirth Ranch, and Arrowhead Mountain Vineyard. All three vineyards are farmed organically.

This wine will easily become your summer favourite. It’s bursting with tart watermelon, juicy berries, lovely salinity and bright acidity. It doesn’t need to be paired with food but charcuterie and soft cheeses would be great! I love sipping on this wine with asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and cream cheese as well!