2018 Ferdinand Poco Tinto

Napa Valley, California

Like the rest of the crew, I’m a pretty big fan of the Fall season, the weather cools off making it perfect for cozy sweaters and warm beverages (no PSLs for this girl though). Along with all that, I tend to gravitate towards reds a bit more, but I still like them to be bright and crunchy and the Poco Tinto from Ferdinand is just that!

Made from 100% Graciano from the Vista Luna vineyard, which is made up of alluvial cobbles & gravelly loam soils. Graciano is a grape that mainly grows in the Rioja region of Spain and is typically used for blending. Here though, it’s the star of the show! The grapes went through full Carbonic Maceration, meaning that full, uncrushed berries were put into a neutral fermentation vessel that had all the oxygen sucked out of it, putting the grapes into an anerobic environment. This means that when fermentation starts, it starts from inside each grape! The result is a light, fresh, crunchy style of wine that is lower in tannins and lighter in colour.

This wine is bursting with flavours of overripe field strawberries, black cherries, blackberries and pomegranate. There is a subtle aroma of violets on the nose and gorgeous hit of freshly cracked white peppercorns throughout.

Drink this beauty CHILLED! I like it straight out of the fridge. Pair it with a simple cheese and charcuterie board or try it with Thanksgiving dinner. It will also go really nicely with big bowl of chicken chow mein.

FYI = Poco Tinto means “Little Red Wine”! CUTE!