2018 Cembra Cantina Di Montagna Schiava

Trentino, Italy

“Cantina di Montagna” literally translates to “mountain cellar.” It makes sense considering the winery is located higher in the alpine mountains of Trentino than any other winery. Trentino is located in NE Italy and the chilly currents rising up off the mountains make it a great region for growing Schiava and other cool climate varietals.

Cembra is a cooperative, meaning that many different grape growers (about 400) contribute fruit to the project. Cooperatives are very, VERY common in Trentino. The grapes are harvested by hand in early October and only 600 bottles (approximately) are produced each year.

Schiava is most prominent in Northern Italy, but we also see expressions that come from Germany, where they call it Trollinger.

This light bodied beauty is the perfect red to serve at fridge-temperature. It’s got notes of fresh field strawberries, cotton candy and a touch of brown butter fried sage.