2017 Ampeleia Unlitro

Tuscany, Italy

Ampeleia was born in 2002 from the collaboration and friendship between Elisabetta Foradori, Thomas Widmann and Giovanni Podini. They saw in Ampeleia a place where they could not only develop an agricultural project but also fulfil a common vision relating to shared values and experiences. Since 2009, Thomas's intense political commitment in his homeland has compelled him to forsake his involvement in Ampeleia.

Ampeleia is synonymous with handcrafted wine; wine that expresses the taste of the land from which it originates and which is born out of an awareness of the importance of diversity.

Unlitro is a blend of Alicante (aka Cannonau or Grenache), and Carignan with a touch of Alicante Bouchet. It’s made using partial Carbonic Maceration, which gives the wine an aroma of super ripe raspberries and candied fruit. It also results in the wine tasting really fruity, and as the wine has only been aged for 6 months in cement, it’s super fresh and highly crushable. Especially when it’s been chilled. In addition to the incredible fruity notes, the wine has underlying notes of herbs like thyme, basil and saffron and a touch of flinty minerality.

Try this wine chilled and paired with light snacks like cheese and charcuterie and a patio. Also, Unlitro = 1L, in case it’s not obvious. And did I mention you should chill it? You should definitely chill it!