2017 Bella King Estate Ancestral Chardonnay

Naramata Bench, B.C.

Bella only makes bubbles. Really, really, ridiculously good bubbles! And they only work with Chardonnay and Gamay that come from organically farmed, single vineyard sites. Method Ancestral aka Pétillant Naturel or Pet Nat for short, is a method of making sparkling wine with absolutely no intervention. The story goes that back 1531 a group of French monks thought their wine had fully finished fermenting, so they bottled it and put it away for the winter. When they came back to it in the spring though, they found that most of their bottles had exploded. Those that hadn’t had become delicious, intensely flavoured, sparkling wine! As this method is obviously a bit volatile, the traditional method of making bubbles was created and Pet Nat style bubbles took a backseat, until recently when a number of modern winemakers started to bring the style back to life. In 2017 Bella made 7 in different Pet Nats from single sites! Seven!!!

This particular gem comes from the iconic King Family Farms in Penticton. It smells and tastes like golden apples, ripe Bartlett pears, fresh baked brioche bread, baking spices and happiness!

Less than 500 bottles were made (and we bought nearly every bottle that came into Alberta, aside from a few that made their way up to Edmonton).

This is the perfect pairing for plain potato chips, French fries or Chateau de Bourgogne cheese (aka sexy cheese) on fresh brioche. 

I would drink this wine EVERY single day if I could, but then I'd have to live in a house made of empty wine boxes.