2021 Delinquente Wine Co.

Roxanne The Razor

Riverland, Australia

Oh Roxanne! How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways!

I’ve totally and completely fallen for this gorgeous, light bodied red! Although I’m not convinced that I love the label. Someone pointed out that she kinda looks like a tattooed version of Grace Jones though, so I like that… But, I digress…

Con-Greg Grigoriou is the owner/winemaker at Delinquente Wine Co., his aim is to showcase just how amazing wines from the Riverland can be if you use grape varieties that are suited to the climate and soil type and treat the vines, and the earth, with respect. He focuses on sustainable grape varieties that need less water and thrive in the Riverland’s hot, dry climate. Con-Greg sources his fruit from an organically grown, family-run vineyard and combines it with minimal intervention winemaking including natural, open ferments and no additions, other than just a touch of SO2.

Roxanne the Razor is made using two Italian grape varietals. 90% of the wine is Negroamaro, a grape native to the Pulgia region and the final 10% is Nero D'Avola, a grape native to Sicily. The two varieties were picked early and fermented separately, then blended prior to bottling.

We’re starting to see a lot of Italian varietals being grown in Australia thanks to its warm (and sadly getting warmer) climate.

The result is a wine that is light and moreish; it tastes like grape Jolly Ranchers without the sugar, black cherries and perfectly ripe, crunchy raspberries that have been dusted with freshly cracked black pepper and baking spice. It’s dangerously drinkable, but doesn’t lack complexity.

Serve chilled, like fridge cold!

And pair it with almost anything, from BBQ’d chicken sandwiches, nachos, burgers, tacos, pizza…

the pairing options really are endless!