The "Jingu" Cocktail pays homage to the legendary Japanese Empress, Jingu, who was married to the 14th Emperor of Japan and is rumoured to have fought along the male samurai during her reign. After the death of her husband Jingu grew bored and to pass time, she single invaded and conquered Korea without shedding a drop of blood. Pretty bad ass right?! 

This cocktail is sweet, salty and slightly tart all at the same time. Just as a female warrior should be. Umeshi is a Japanese Plum Wine, known for its sweet and slightly bitter quality, and is an ideal canvas to layer the flavours of the sweet peach nectar and savoury sherry while a squeeze of lemon helps to brighten the the drink. A couple things to keep in mind, make sure that you use real peach nectar as the flavour is more concentrated than peach juice. And if you decide to up the booze factor and top this cocktail of with a sparkling wine as opposed to soda, avoid sweet wines like Moscato and instead, try and find a dry German Sekt or Sparkling Sake.

2oz Hitachino Umeshi

1/2oz Oloroso Sherry

3oz Peach Nectar 

Squeeze of Lemon

Top with Soda water or Sparkling Wine.

Garnish with a twist of lemon

Method ~ In a rocks glass filled with ice cubes, add the Umeshi, Sherry and Peach Nectar and gently stir until everything is combined. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon and top with a splash of soda or sparkling wine to add some fizz to the cocktail. Garnish with a twist of lemon. Drink. And repeat.