NV Rigour & Whimsy Multiverse

Oliver, B.C.

“All times and places, existing simultaneously.” -Costa Gavaris, Winemaker

Thorough and playful, a juxtaposition of intention and release. This is what you will find in Costa and Jody’s wines, the husband-and-wife team behind Rigour & Whimsy.

Responsible stewardship of the land requires deep intent to connect to your surroundings. Whilst the playful nature of winemaking leads the way in creating an experience to savour.

“This wine is everything and nothing, and all spaces and times in between.”

A blend of “multi” vintages, red and amber wines merge to create this expression of a light red, something that was missing from their 2020 portfolio. Gamay would ordinarily occupy this position, but as the grape's popularity has boomed, sourcing quality Gamay grapes has become arduous.

Multiverse was born out of the need to think creatively. An opportunity, unconstrained by preconceptions of how wine could or should be made.

Two co-fermented wines were bought together. Made up of eighty percent Syrah/Viognier from the 2020 vintage, and twenty percent skin-contact Roussanne/Marsanne from 2019. These four varieties, typically found in the Northern Rhône Valley of France merge to create a wine that is youthful and inspired. The playful fruit is at the forefront in the way of cherry, dark plums, blackcurrant and violets. Whilst layered underneath is a herbal finesse, black olive notes and a peppery spice.

The Syrah plays a dominant role in this wine, but unexpectedly shows up as a lighter version of itself. Fine tannins and fresh acidity lay the framework for what is a beautifully made wine, full of flirtatious fruit and savoury play.


For the perfect Fall pairing, think of a cozy night by the fire with an adventurous spread of cheese. This wine pairs extremely well with Challerhocker, a hard Swiss cheese with a caramel, nutty, salty sweet profile. Salers, a French, semi-hard traditional farmhouse style of cheese that is fruity and spicy. And lastly Brebirousse D’Argental from the Rhône-Alpes. This cheese is soft-ripened with a creamy texture, it is sweet, tangy and buttery.

Multiverse is best served with a light chill for maximum pleasure.