Dandy Brewing La Peau D’Elisa Quebec Style Saison

Calgary, Alberta

The craft brewing scene in Quebec has a rich history and is deeply rooted in the Belgian traditions. They’ve made it their own and now produce some of the world’s best farmhouse style beers.

The Dandy’s took inspiration from their brothers and sisters in La Belle Province when they created La Peau D’Elise, a Belgian saison by way of Quebec. It pours a hazy straw colour, with bright notes of fruit and pine that are in perfect balance with classic pear drop & clove produced by the unique yeast strain. Balance is the key word here, as it finishes with a mild bitterness after a very smooth and full-bodied sip.

When in doubt – Saison! Pairs well with most food, especially ripe cheeses and charcuterie or a roast chicken.