Dirty Rose from Sourwood Cider

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sourwood Cider is a small operation that includes a cozy bar, often with live music lifting the atmosphere in true East Coast fashion. They’re deliciously geeky about their cider – embracing tradition and innovative methods in turn. The juice is often spontaneously fermented from native, wild yeasts, barrel aged, blended to perfection and aged on all the beautiful local fruit Nova Scotia boasts.

Dirty Rosé is a blend of young and mature barrel aged ciders from NS grown apples . This base blend was then aged on a total of 700kg of Pinot Noir and Cab Franc pomace snagged from Benjamin Bridge Winery.  They picked out all the stems from the cab franc pommace, leaving only skins and seeds. For the Pinot, the stems were left in the blend for some inspiring astringent grit!  Some of the barrels in the blend were aged over 24 months, other barrels as young as 6 months.

Well balanced, earthy, and grippy, with wonderful vinous character and bracing acidity. Enjoy with creamy cheeses, figs and grapes, or cured meats. Would also kill alongside a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving!


Mike is an honourary member of the Bricks Wine Co. fam!