E9  My Fishing Buddy Dry Hopped Lager

Tacoma, Washington

E9 is Tacoma’s first craft brewery, founded in 1995, is named after the firehall it once occupied – Engine No. 9. Operating only as a brewpub until 2011, the brewery was subsequently purchased by the Xitco and Paradise families. Head Brewer Shane Johns was hired and began creating the notoriety that exists today.

Primarily known internationally for their barrel aged sour program – they also produce some of the Pacific Northwest’s best clean side ales and lagers, some of which we are lucky to get in Canada!

My Fishing Buddy is a dry hopped lager. Brewed with a fairly simple malt combination of German Pilsner and Vienna Malt. Hop additions in the boil and whirlpool of Southern Hemisphere Wakatu and Kohatu give it a soft bitterness that beautifully offsets the graham cracker and honey sweetness of the Vienna malt. After fermentation and six weeks of lagering it is filtered and dry hopped with a copious amount of Wai-iti, imparting awesome lime/mandarin citrus and peachy stone fruit aromatics.

A truly crushable beer, perfect for summer patios and camping trips – enjoy paired with Hawaiian pizza, nachos with pickled jalapenos or key lime pie!


(Mike is an honorary member of the Bricks Wine Co. Fam)