2019 Stillwell Brewing Glou Farmhouse Ale on Benjamin Bridge Muscat Pomace

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Stillwell Brewing has quietly become one of the best breweries in the country. They’re a small brewing project in Halifax, NS, and focus on oak-fermented, bottle conditioned farmhouse-style ales that are subtle, balanced and very unique.

A very special annual beer, Glou starts as a blend of the best of the cellar, many very diverse barrels of mature beer are added to a large quantity of freshly pressed Nova Scotia grown Muscat grape skins for a 2-4-month re-fermentation. The result is a beautiful, pink, aromatic potion that makes me rather excited. It’s a harmonious and fun beer; candy on the eye and nose, complex and compelling on the palate.

This beer will go fantastically with cheese of almost any kind, and is perfect for the winter when you need a break from big, dark beers but still need some substance!